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Meghan Thompson Making Money With Your Website

Meghan Meghan Thompson teaches creative entrepreneurs and network marketers how to develop their business using a web site and social media such as twitter, face book, in fact, any other type of media on the web to generate income. She is also a yoga enthusiast and a fitness guru who markets herself and her interests in health.

Meghan has put out an excellent video on how to generate an income by using the internet. She proposes three important things to do for success.

•She recommends using “The Home Page ATM Website Framework” by Brendan Burchard. Brendan is a multimillionaire who has written a few books on marketing. He is an excellent marketing trainer and a great marketer in his own right. His training comes highly recommended by Meghan.

•The second important aspect she stresses is proper branding. People need to know, trust and like you as a person before they will buy your products.

•The third vital element to include if a person is to make any money is an opt-in portion on your web site.

Essentially, a good web site should have the following elements:

•A Video containing a benefit
•A banner image and a tagline
•2 spaces where people can opt in to give their information in order to start a relationship with them.

The website could have a video with a teaser about the training and the products promoted. If people would like more information, this is where the opt-in spaces should be completed with the contact details.

The first thing you need to think about is that you would want people to get to know you, like who you are and trust you. They should resonate with you and understand what you are really all about. Meghan says that she is a bit different, a little alternative, likes funky things, an outdoors girl, lived in New York and so decided to go with the graffiti theme for her website. You would use your own personal interests to create your unique profile.

1.A professional photo shoot is a way of branding yourself and will make you look professional, someone who has obviously put a lot of work into their image so that people will think that you know what you are talking about. They will be curious to know more. Branding is all-important on social media where people want to get to know who you are and you have a story to tell with knowledge and expertise to teach and help others.

2.Get logos done – have a custom web page design done for content, banner ads, graphics, logo designs and illustrations.

3.Include an email opt in form, also include opt in forms on other pages and use pop-up domination. You can learn more about the tools Meghan uses on her website by going to “tools I use”. She also offers a free e-book on how to make money on line.

If you would like to turn your website into a money making machine and do it in less than 24 hours, Meghan has all the marketing tips and advice you need.